Safety Culture

Maintaining a safe laboratory is not only a technical challenge, but it is a management challenge. Because, by definition, the hazards associated with laboratory work are constantly evolving, it is important that the protective measure in use do as well. The Division supports chemical health and safety professionals with management tools such as

  • Workshops
  • Safety Culture Surveys
  • Lessons Learned
Alice Hamilton was the "mother of American occupational medicine". From 1900 to 1950, she worked in a variety of industries to identify the causes of occupational diseases, such as lead poisoning, radium poisoning and mining hazards. More details about her work can be found on her Wikipedia entry.

Her work with the radium girls of New Jersey was the inspiration for Glenn Seaborg to develop a chemical hygiene program for the Manhattan Project, which eventually lead to the founding of the Division of Chemical Health and Safety.
Lessons Learned
Safety Culture Surveys
OSHA Lab Standard, Including the Federal Register Preamble
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